hikes and bikes in the black forest

Ouf, it’s been a while! I’m settling back into Montreal and getting busy with school, but definitely missing Germany.

I actually lied a little in my last post – I said I spent another weekend in Heidelberg, but I actually planned a last-minute trip to Freiburg, a few hours south of Heidelberg, in the Black Forest. A couple friends I met while doing the language course in Berlin were doing their internships there, so I went out to visit and do some hiking!

I didn’t take many pictures on this trip because I was either on a bike or ~socializing~ but the pictures I do have are pretty sweet!

I took a bus early Saturday morning to arrive in Freiburg around noon, and I met up with a friend and a couple other interns that were either working there or visiting the same weekend. I didn’t take too many pictures of the city because I was biking, and it honestly looked pretty similar to Heidelberg (but who can complain, really??), but we soon set off on our first hike.

Of course I stopped to take a million photos at the first viewpoint. My friend promised me that it would get much, much better, but it was very cute and I was missing good views since Switzerland so I had to.


Admittedly, it was a much better view once we got to the top. I feel like my phone pictures don’t really do it any justice, but there were some beautiful rolling hills and once we climbed the tower at the top, we did feel like we’d gotten somewhere!



We had a beer and took some pictures at the top of the tower, took some more pictures, called it a day, and headed back down.




We took a different way down that also had some nice views, although it wasn’t quite so nice when we decided to take a slight “shortcut” and ended up in someone’s backyard.


I didn’t take any pictures of the backyard we ended up in, but the old German lady that lived there was very kind and patient with our (very broken) German, and let us cut through her yard to get to the street.

(This was, of course, after running into a fence that was clearly meant to prevent dead leaves from overflowing into peoples’ backyards and wading shoulder-deep through piles of leaves.)

From there, we walked about an hour back to our bikes but took the scenic route and saw the ~edgier~ side of Freiburg, including some graffiti artists who didn’t seem too happy about my friend taking their picture (I was happy just to take pictures of previous graffiti).


After a well-needed shower and a grocery run, we met up again in the park with food, wine and a picnic blanket. It was pretty dark by then so the only photo I have where you can see anything just shows our makeshift lamp of a phone light and plastic cups.


The next morning, I went out with my friend for another hike. We biked to a small town nearby, and hiked from there.

Even on the road up (past where I could realistically bike with Bernadette), it was very cute! So many classic little houses with beautiful gardens.


We hiked a few hours up, and it was an even better view than the day before. Again, the photos don’t really do it justice, but it was pretty sweet to actually have a nice view after a hike (just a BC girl talking here, don’t mind me).


We hiked back down and met up with everyone from the night before at a lake, and went for a swim. Looking back, I wish I’d taken some photos but I guess it’s a little late now! I caught my bus home around dinnertime, got a little sleep, and was back in Heidelberg in enough time for an early morning in the lab the next day.


Bis bald! (hopefully)


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